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Store information

Hachijo Exit store

We image "city of cake" doing well. We choose souvenir which is full of color happily.
"City of cake" lively happily is concept. Kintetsu street of well-known stores miyakomichi "Malebranche cafe" of Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit store was reborn newly as "Hachijo Exit store". In shop where flag mark of cake flutters in, casual gifts assemble in full force. We offer raw cake, original goods. Like city standing in doorway where people gather, you drop in casually, and please enjoy shopping and wait,-limited sweets at cafe counter.
Address31-1, Higashishiokoujikamadonocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Kyoto Station Kintetsu street of well-known stores miyakomichi
Phone number075-661-3808
FAX number075-661-3793
Business hours9:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:30)
Regular holidayHaving no days off

Salon cafe introduction

Freshly made dessert to finish in front. Is excited by limited menu full of live feelings; is heated.

Break is cafe counter in shop. We are proud of pleasant limited menu surrounding fair and stand. In "momburammirufiyu" of new sale that pie to bake in shop is fragrant, the staff fully squeeze Mont Blanc cream in front. Please have some!
Enjoy both conversation and dessert at meeting counter.
New sense drink to be able to enjoy taste of strong tea directly in strong tea naitoroburyu. When spring and summer-limited fair dessert "yoyo CHA no KA ice" puts hot strong tea sauce on yoyo of white chocolate, anything be washed by the inside……. We offer Hachijo Exit store of a lot of senses of fun-limited dessert and drink.

Introduction of store-limited product

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] momburammirufiyu

The tax-included 1,320 yen (body price 1,200 yen) details

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] Strong tea naitoroburyu

The tax-included 880 yen (body price 800 yen) details

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] CHA no KA pouch porch

Tax-included 2,420 yen (body price 2,200 yen)

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] KYO SABLE pouch porch

Tax-included 2,310 yen (body price 2,100 yen)

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] Malebranche tote bag size

Tax-included 3,300 yen (body price 3,000 yen)
Size: Vertical 435x 445mm in width
(handle does not include)

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] The Malebranche tote bag small

Tax-included 2,200 yen (body price 2,000 yen)
Size: Vertical 230x 340mm in width
(handle does not include)

[Hachijo Exit store-limited] mirufiyu [until May 10] of Kyoto drop strawberry

The tax-included 1,540 yen (body price 1,400 yen) details

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